20 October 2023

New GB Game Drops: Neko Can Dream English Edition Launches Tomorrow

Neko Can Dream: A Dream-Collecting Adventure in an 8-Bit World

Amaitorte, the doujin-circle, is releasing the English edition ROM cartridge of the new GB game, Neko Can Dream, created by Nekobungi Sumire, starting on Saturday, 21st October 2023. Additionally, the English mobile app will be available for download on the same day.

Neko Can Dream was initially released in November 2022, as a game playable in Japanese on iPhone, iPad, Android, and GBs. With the highly anticipated English version set to release soon, we are thrilled that more customers worldwide will be able to enjoy this game.

Physical Cartridge Available on The 21st October

On Saturday, 21st October 2023, at 20:00 JST (11:00 UTC / 07:00 EDT / 04:00 PDT), Amaitorte will open the online purchase for the English edition of Neko Can Dream physical ROM cartridge on its official website and begin accepting orders.

The physical ROM cartridge is playable on GB-compatible devices, and its packaging faithfully replicates the design of the original boxes from that era. It also includes a printed instruction booklet and a bonus sticker sheet.

The Mobile App Will Also Be Available

Furthermore, on the same day, 21st October 2023, an update is scheduled to be made available for the already existing Japanese Neko Can Dream app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

This update will provide English edition data as an addition to the existing Japanese app, enabling players to switch the language on their device and play in English. Customers who have already purchased the Japanese app will be able to obtain this update for free.

The app maintains the same game content as the physical cartridge and includes an integrated digital instruction manual that can be viewed on the device.

Watch the Trailer on YouTube

The Plot

“I heard someone’s voice. It was a voice that may or may not have sounded familiar. I woke up and walked the streets hungry, looking for food.”

You woke up hungry in a back alley in a strange city. You tried to eat the canned cat food you found, but there was no way to open it. According to the barkeeper of a yakitori bar you visited to borrow a can opener, it was not real food, but an item called a dream can. She demanded that you produce more dream cans by entering the dreams of people in the city, in return for providing real canned cat food....

A True Retro Game, Not Just an 8-Bit Style

Neko Can Dream is not just another 8-bit style game. It was developed to meet the technical standards of the 1980s using GB Studio, providing a genuine retro gaming experience that plays on GB-compatible devices. Both the physical cartridge and the mobile app include program data designed for 8-bit processors. Players can enjoy a story set within the constraints of 8-bit hardware, featuring nostalgic pixel art graphics.

The Japanese edition of this game, released in November 2022, received significant acclaim. The physical cartridge, in particular, was in high demand, with a waiting time of up to 2 months for shipping. In addition, the iPhone app ranked second in the paid adventure game category on the Japanese Apple App Store during its initial days, and the Android app became the most purchased game among paid adventure games on Japanese Google Play in December 2022.

Progress Through the Story with Easy Controls

This game falls under the genre of a simple 2D top-down role-playing-style adventure game. Players can explore the map, collect items, and advance the story by engaging in conversations with characters. It offers a casual gameplay experience with very few demanding action sequences, and the story is divided into three stages.

Nekobungi Sumire’s Characters and LGBTQ+ Representation

The developer of this game, Nekobungi Sumire, is known as a transgender webcomic and doujinshi artist, recognised for LGBTQ+ works such as Silhouette of the Sea Breeze, Locusta in the Skyscraper, and Alice Sherlock: The Rubious Nebula. She is the sole creator of this indie game, handling the story, graphics, development work, and even the translation all by herself.

Neko Can Dream, which centres on an nblnb romance, also stands out for the reappearance of familiar characters for her fans. Through the exploration of dream worlds, the game delves into the past of the characters, including two queer couples, offering a unique storytelling aspect.

Product Information

Title Neko Can Dream
Published by Amaitorte
Genre Adventure
ROM Cartridge
How to purchase Physical package available online (Includes a cartridge, an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet)
Supported devices GB-compatible
Price 7,800 JPY (MSRP; additional shipping costs may apply for online purchase)
(At the moment, only the Japanese edition is shown for online purchase. The English edition will be added on 21st October at 20:00 JST / 11:00 UTC / 07:00 EDT / 04:00 PDT)
Mobile App
How to purchase Download digitally (Includes a digital instruction booklet)
Supported devices iPhone and iPad with iOS 12.4 or later, or smartphones and tablets with Android 7.0 or later and Google Play support
Price 320 JPY (Prices and currency units vary depending on the store you use and your location)

*Please note that this product is our original item and is not officially licensed by game console manufacturers.

About Amaitorte

Amaitorte is a doujin circle based in Tokyo, Japan, and it consists of a single member, Nekobungi Sumire. The group is known for creating and publishing webcomics and doujinshi manga (indie comics). While it primarily works on various queer-themed works, also known as Yuri or BL in Japan, the group also dabbles in developing mobile applications and experimenting with manga designed for the visually impaired. In recent years, the group has also been working on translating its manga into English.