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「バジリコの魔法使い」の英語版「The Mage of Basilico」が電子書籍限定で登場。日本語版と両方ダウンロードして原文・英訳を読み比べよう。

In this fantasy world of The Mage of Basilico, citizens of Potpouripolis are exposed to the threat of dangerous magical beasts appear often from the deep woods surrounding the city. An ordinary high school girl cat, Mulberri, and the young female mage, Tetri, fight together against the magical beasts to save the day. But unlike her position as a mage, Tetri never uses her magic during battles, or anywhere in front of people. One day, Mulberry wondered why the mage keeps her magic secret...

The English adaptation of the Japanese webcomic is available exclusively as an ebook. Including 80 pages of main content.


収録ページ数1: 80 ファイルの総ページ数: 84

Content Length1: 80 Total Length of File: 84