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Doppel Debussy


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Delphine, the translator, neglecting her looming deadlines, was spending her days drowning in alcohol at nightclubs. However, one evening, she was persuaded to drink a mysterious beverage called Doppel Debussy. It was a drink that could create a copy of oneself by expelling one's personality as a jelly. Realising that her copy possessed the same abilities as herself, Delphine seized the opportunity to push her work onto it...
An original short gag manga by Nekobungi Sumire, a personality-expelling jelly world expressed through a combination of black and white and colour.

Content Length1: 42 pages Total Length of File: 46 pages

Sashimi Forest

The main character, a young tgirl named Nora, and her sister, a researcher, arrive in a foreign fishing village. There, rumors are circulating that “fish that live in the sea,” which were supposed to have become extinct long ago, have survived. While her sister embarks on a deep-sea expedition in her submarine, Nora also witnesses a mysterious shadow in the sea. Despite her misgivings, Nora begins her life in the village, but she has a hard time adjusting to the local children. Can her sister confirm the truth of the rumors, and what is the identity of the shadow Nora saw?

An original short sci-fi adventure manga by Nekobunugi Sumire. Includes 32 pages of full-colour main story plus 2 extra pages exclusive to the ebook editions.

Content Length1: 34 (32 Main + 2 Extra) pages Total Length of File: 38 pages

Azami on the Tail

Tokyo, Japan, in the near future. Azami, a woman kidnapped by a mysterious human trafficking ring, is rescued by Fa’on, a werewolf. The city police discover that a yakuza alliance is involved in the trafficking, but they can’t identify the responsible family. Fa’on decides to infiltrate the yakuza and takes Azami with her. Being a regular human, Azami has no choice but to transform herself into a werewolf in order to protect herself. Thus begins the adventures of the two wolves, Azami and Fa’on.

Original short sci-fi adventure manga in full colour by Nekobungi Sumire.

In accordance with the review guidelines, the Kindle edition of this title differs in some content from others. We kindly ask for your kind understanding.

Content Length1: 40 pages Total Length of File: 44 pages

Locusta in the Skyscraper

A time when the once terrestrial cities are being submerged in the sea. Kai, a butch woman working for the Department of the Environment, has a successful career in government service and is respected by her colleagues, but she has trouble finding love. One day, while investigating an abandoned building on the outskirts of town, Kai notices a mysterious figure, Locusta, who has taken up residence there illegally. Kai begins visiting her frequently, as she feels familiar with Locusta, who is also a butch woman...

An original one-shot yuri adventure sci-fi fantasy manga by Nekobungi Sumire. The short-short story 'La Coneja Blanca y su Santa María' is also included.

Content Length1: 36 pages Total Length of File: 40 pages

Silhouette of the Sea Breeze

A world far in the future. On the outskirts of a town in the sea surface layer, there floats a small restaurant run by a cat-eared chef. One day, she falls in love with a bewitching beauty from the sky city who comes to the restaurant as a customer. The shy chef can hardly speak to the woman. Meanwhile, the woman's purpose for coming to the sea is shrouded in mystery...

Nekobungi Sumire's much-loved original short yuri adventure sci-fi fantasy manga.

Content Length1: 38 pages Total Length of File: 42 pages

A group of mysterious cat-ears chase after a giant fish in the city's night sky. What on earth is their purpose?

Nekobungi Sumire's omnibus of seven short-short stories about cat-ears and fish, including "An Abandoned Cat", "A Journey in the Sky", etc.

Content Length1: 34 pages Total Length of File: 40 pages

In this fantasy world of The Mage of Basilico, citizens of Potpouripolis are exposed to the threat of dangerous magical beasts appear often from the deep woods surrounding the city. An ordinary high school girl cat, Mulberri, and the young female mage, Tetri, fight together against the magical beasts to save the day. But unlike her position as a mage, Tetri never uses her magic during battles, or anywhere in front of people. One day, Mulberry wondered why the mage keeps her magic secret...

The English adaptation of the Japanese webcomic is available exclusively as an ebook. Including 80 pages of main content.

Content Length1: 80 pages Total Length of File: 84 pages